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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 10, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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monday morning. october 10th, columbus day happy holiday i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour it was a great weekened. tony perkens with details for this monday morning. >> hey, good morning everybody how about if we extend it for today and part of tomorrow as well at least one more day in of the very very nice weather temperatures into the 70s, and a good amount of sunshine let's look what is going on out there. around the region, washington 57 degrees we have some cool air out to the west, winchester 48 degrees, dulles airport, 50 degrees, also the east, a little better, 50 degrees at the naval air station in delaware. here is a look at sentinel satellite radar we have clouds over us, high, thin variety, they are filtering the sun or
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will filter sunshine. and we will see a pleasant day today, that rainfall that you see down there to the south does not impact us today but overnight tuesday into wednesday it starts to move in and then wednesday should be a wet and rainy day for today, warm, sun with some clouds, look for a high today into the upper 70s, yet again. another nice day across the region. that is a look at what is happen being the weather more on what is happening with julie wright. you are not the only one who can serve up a pretty picture. >> oh. >> no, you are not. v dot just moved my pretty picture. >> my plan came to fruition. it was really pretty, zoomed in, a nice shot of the sunrise, beautiful unfortunately v dot moved the camera on me. if you have to make a trip into work there is not many of you that do so it is an easy
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commute leaving fair oaks, the belt way is running smoothly, southbound along 270 out of german town, lanes are open. it is a nice smooth trip across the american legion bridge overnight road work long gone on the belt way. hov on 270, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. anonymous a group of hackers who targeted companies like master card and visa say it plans to attack the new york stock exchange they will support the occupy wall street protestors by erasing the website today an attack on the nyse site would not effect trading, the company says it will not comment but protestors in our area could face a show down with police their permit to gather at freedom plaza expires today. stacy cohen joins us with more. >> reporter: they got a
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reprieve yesterday the original permit expired last night it was extended through today, today is the columbus day holiday schools are closed as are many government offices it will remain to be scene what happens most protestors plan on staying put. this has been going on since thursday they go by several names, stop the machine, some called it october 2011 and others -- some are protesting war to corporate greed they have held rallies, had marchs, music out here all weekened long if park police do decide to confront the protestors later today many have said they are willing to be arrested. park police could have roused us and arrested us from thursday night on. they have not arrested us yet but i am willing to risk arrest at this point. >> there is another protest
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going on at mcfehr son square the offshoot of occupy wall street calling themselves occupy dc they have decided as long as they keep their numbers small and remain peaceful they will be allowed to hold their rallies, police have complied they have been there 8 days and counting we will see what happens with these various protestors, demonstrators and rallies taking place in our city. stacy cohen back to you. air and space museum will reopen after protestors swarmed that building over the weekened. security guards used pepper spray to hold back more than a hundred demonstrators who were told they could not enter while carrying signs. some of those were taking part in the demonstration on freedom plaza. another round of deadly violence in egypt. demonstrators clashed with muslims and security forces, 24
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people are dead more than 200 more injured. christians, muslims, egyptian security forces face off in the streets of cairo some of the unruly crowd can be seen hurling fire bombs. the street littered with rubble and debris. i saw the army clashing with civilians. some blame it on a series of anti christian attacks christians blame it on egypt's ruling military council they say the military has been too lenient on those responsible for the attack since the removal of mubarak in february the country's prime minister is denouncing the up rising. the most serious stretch of the country unity is this, the atmosphere provides the
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opportunity for country's enemies to tamper with security. an armed security van sped into the crowd. if a person has demands or legitimate means and channels we will respond. they want to build churches so long as it is done by a principal. it comes weeks before a particle meantry election on november 28th. here at home police in culpepper are investigating the first murder in that community in five years a woman was killed two men hurt saturday during a domestic dispute. the newspaper there, identified the woman as patricia adams the names of the two wounded men have not been released the last murder in culpepper involved a murder suicide in 2006. in silver springs,
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montgomery county police have deployed a dedicated bike patrol unit having a positive effect on the number of robberies and assaults. >> reporter: instead of piling into patrol cars for their shift, these police officers are taking bicycles out for the night. they will be all over the packed central business district in silver springs, tackling crime in a whole new way. >> if we can get into places the cruisers can't, be more interactive with the community we are not caged into a car we can use more of our senses. >> on a signal do it. >> reporter: silver spring is the busiest of the county's police districts accounts for 20% of police calls since the bike unit hit the streets august 1st, assaults and robberies have dropped dramatically. >> this is the first time there was a dedicated bike unit before we would have the beat
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officers do it but you know you could never get them to ride they would have another commitments as well. outfitted with gps units these patrol officers can circumvent the traffic on georgia avenue and get where they are going quickly they have been able to break up flash mobs before they got started. >> just not the problem we were experiencing earlier in the summer. >> even though crowds have gotten larger all summer, regular visitors feel safe we are the bike unit on the job. >> it was getting to the point it was pretty rough down here, silver spring at night, so a good thing. >> extra police effort has made a difference. >> of course. >> i walk around here and see the police i have never been worried about being here 11:00 p.m. at night or whatever. >> i think it is great, it is a great way for them to get around and be there if they
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need to be there. >> audrey barnes, fox 5 news chef. >> captain goldberg says the bike unit had so much success he expects other jurisdictions to dedicate themselves to a full time you nit as well. imagine having to spread -- unit as well. >> imagine having to trade water for 11 hours, some people had to do that this weekened. a golf fan arrested on the green. what food he is accused of throwing at tiger woods i will awaken you with a song.
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it is 7:12 a.m., 57 degrees on this monday morning let's look at headlines now a terrifying or deal for a group of boaters off the florida keys
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an 80-year-old woman died, 7 other people died for 20 hours after their boat capsized and sank saturday they were not wearing life vests officials say among those rescued a 4- year-old girl. a black cloud over yesterday's chicago marathon, a north carolina firefighter running with his brother died the 35-year-old collapsed 500- yards from the finish he was running to help raise money to help burn victims an autopsy is planned for today. pretty perfect conditions for the army 10-miler the run begins and ends at the pentagon it helped military veterans and their families. >> fall is a great time to leave the doors open let mother nature air out the house natural air conditioning now there is a way to do it without the bugs. called magic mesh have you seen these? >> heard about it >> the door cover claims to let the fresh air in, keep the
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bugs out. melissa painter puts it to the deal or dud test. >> now magic mesh the new type of screen door opens easily. >> reporter: installs in seconds, 18 magnets to shut the screen for you. we would love for this product to do what it promises. >> it would be convenient if we didn't have to get up and let her out every 10 minutes. >> reporter: the instructions for the product are not complicated we don't know about that installs in seconds promise. >> lay your magic mesh door flat on the door. >> reporter: we got to work sticking the magic mesh in place make sure the screen is aligned properly with the door and magnets. >> i don't know. >> it is mazier than i would want -- messier than i would want to be. >> reporter: the door is not the height of style does it work? >> it snapped back together.
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>> worked beautifully for us on the first try if only things get going that way magic mesh magnets fully attached only 50% of the time leaving the screen door open a lot. that is not what you want. >> we have a problem there what just happened. >> it did not snap back when we walked through. >> leah was hoping this would be the easy way to let zoe come and go but magic mesh is not reliable enough. aesthetically pleasing and very practical at the same time which i don't thing it is eithier. a giant doggy door is looking better and better. >> save your money. >> i know but looked cool. >> now you just have to open the door. makers of magic mesh offer a 30 day money back guarantee. the shipment pay cost $30.
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i ordered something, i ordered one of these things from a tv ad that you gets the all recordings and they keep you on the phone like 25 minutes trying to say other stuff you can't get out it is terrible. >> by the time you are done you have the egg that scrambles itself. >> want to say what the product was? >> no. >> what? >> no, it wasn't. let's look at what was going on out there. we will start with temperatures -- the only time i have ever done that. >> it was a bill collector you put your bills in it folds up unfold it your bills are all in one place. >> fantastic, don't we all want to know where our bills are. mine are on the counter, mail box filled with them. 53 degrees washington, 63 dallas, check out denver 39 degrees, 46 salt lake city, so,
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colder air out in the mountains as you would expect here is the map interesting we have a frontal boundary right in the middle of the country, producing rainfall, pretty impressive rainfall too, pretty much in a straight line our next weather maker is that system down to our south bringing rain to the southeastern united states it will push north ward eventually and bring rain to us by wednesday. next 5 days, today a fine day, 78 degrees for your high good amount of sunshine or filtered by some high, thin clouds tomorrow more clouds build in, 76 rain begins overnight tuesday, wednesday the wet day, 69, thursday a few showers, 75 and on friday, 70 degrees under partly sunny skies, enjoy the day. trying to hook up with the most popular as seen on tv products is but it is tough that is how they all market themselves. see if we can come up with it. >> i would love to know julie, quiet day so far. >> indeed not a lot happening
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on the roads you will find light traffic volume around town outer loop of the belt way looks good past colesville road, 95, 295 quiet out of laurel the accident we talked about downtown north capitol street michigan clear, 395 at the 14th street bridge, coming across the potomac that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. decision day for the nba commissioner david stern says players and owners, if they can't come to a deal after today the first two weeks of the regular season will be cancelled the biggest issue dividing both sides is a 50/50 split of revenue. >> come back in one of baseball's national league championship series, and tough day for red skin rivals. michael vick and eagles looking to put an end to a losing streak. 2nd quarter, eagles down 14-7, vick gets drilled, picked off that was a common theme.
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bills in front, 21-7. 2 minutes left eagles trail by 7 driving at the bills, 25, vick pass deflected intercepted, up 405- yards total offence, also throws 4 interceptions that is the bad. philly falls to 1 and 4 on the year. >> great day big apple empire state building looking pretty. meadow lands giants hosting the seahawks, giants down 4, manning with a does he do? throws a pick intercepted by brandon brower fakes off on a 90-yard touchdown return seahawks go on to beat the giants 36-5. giant 3-s and 2 on the season. race against tampa bay verizon center tonight. cats hoping to get more solid play from their third line. just trying to keep it simple let them do their thing
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and brooks is our creative player, very dynamic. we do different things and so i mean we are just trying to feed off each other and play to our strengths. >> joe ward one of the new guys,. milwaukee, brewers hosting cardinals bottom of the 5, brew crew trailing by 1. launches this one out of the left field fence gave milwaukee the lead for good. they beat the cards 9-6 game 1, game 2 tonight in milwaukee. >> reminder american league championship series resumes this afternoon watch the game here starting at 4:00 p.m., game 2 between the tigers and rangers, that game scheduled for yesterday, rained out arlington, texas. today's make up game, pitch at 4:19 p.m. did you say tiger. >> tigers. i have stuff about tiger, 31-year-old man taken into police custody after throwing a
7:21 am
hot dog at tiger woods. >> why? >> he ducked under the ropes at the open sunday and threw the hot dog it did not get near woods he was charged with disturbing the peace according to one blog the incident was caught on tape pga officials decided not to air it. >> i bet he looked silly. >> one of those launchers. >> right. >> next time. okay. >> monday morning it is a holiday, 7:21 a.m., up next the latest on the search -- just trying to picture that. >> funny looking. >> he thought he was doing it but didn't get any where. >> so he looked like a fool. 10 month old missing in missouri parents not co- operating now nearly a week later they are. then for years, children had to take the test and be interviewed to get into some private schools now dogs taking tests to get into doggy day care and apartment buildings
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closer look coming up in our next hour and how to get your dog ready. >> camp bow wow. >> look at that yorkie. >> that one? >> no ♪
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7:25 a.m. friends and family of this missing dc mother held a vigil it has been a year since she disappeared, denise harris was last seen at her home on hartford street northeast after she put her children and niece to bed. after they woke up she was gone. day 6, still no sign of a 10 month old girl missing in missouri. >> both family members and the public helping with the search. >> reporter: 10 month old lisa irwin has not been seen in nearly a week her parents claim she was snatched some time overnight from their home in kansas city missouri officers in the case are trying to
7:26 am
recreate the alleged kidnapping scene. family are pitching in to help passing out flyers to thousands of nascar fans friday. the child's aunt says many have been supportive. >> a lot of people have been coming up and asking if we heard anything new, and it has been a real -- >> reporter: investigators are sorting through hundreds of leads so far nothing amounted to anything significant. >> we've chased down, or i should say we received over 250 tips, and leads we chased down the ones that have things that have something to chase down and again, i have to say unfortunately none of them lead to anything good. >> reporter: police have no plans to discontinue their work. >> there is a lot of people hustling around trying to put this thing together and find this child no plans to shut it down they are chasing things that come down. >> reporter: community members are also showing their support for the family and baby lisa, dozens of people have gathered in front of the family's home,
7:27 am
lighting candles that say life for lisa or love for lisa. her parents have set up a reward for new information. in new york, fox news. thanks very much, 7:26 a.m., stay tuned we will take a look at the top stories next. >> plus turn our attention to politics and religion,. also another check on weather and on time traffic not a lot of traffic which is a great thing, holidays a good day to come down into the city and enjoy it without all the traffic around pgh >> beautiful day in general, we will check with tony for a fantastic forecast up next  [ female announcer ] did you know
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7:30 a.m. as we check top stories, more deadly violence in egypt. 24 people killed, 200 more injured in cairo and alexandria, christians protesting over a recent church clash with muslim and security forces violence is a major set back to egypt's transition back to civilian rule since the ousting of mubarak. protestors of anti war and
7:31 am
corporate greed will continue their demonstration longer than originally planned, their protest run thus today. many say they are sitting tight it is not clear yet what police will do if demon industry tores refuse -- demonstrators refuse to leave. two americans have won the nobel economic prize they developed methods for answering questions how economic growth and inflation are effected by a temporary increase in tax cuts. they carried out their research independently in the 70s and 80s. just great. that is what i was writing up. you are a little too late. if you had started in the 70s or 80s. tell us how things are in 2011. >> >> or 10 minutes ago it was good though. >> i am a quick study. >> you typed it too.
7:32 am
the nobel people don't accept handwritten. has to be on an actual type writer. >> they are down to 1% of the population. do the weather you are so good at it. thank you i will. how about the weekend. >> great. pry mow. today we -- primo. today we continue the trend. day 6 of wonderful weather it will continue into the bulk of tomorrow a few more clouds than we have had another warm one though, with highs in the 70s well into the 70s so not bad at all. rain returns wednesday, yep, we will get rain showers in here, and then it will be cooler, for the middle part of the week and really for wednesday. temperatures rebound. current temperatures across the region, 56 degrees right now 58 annapolis, baltimore at 54 degrees, dulles 54 winchester up to 50 degrees they were
7:33 am
cooler not long ago and 52 in leonard town. here is a look at satellite radar composite for the area. we do have high clouds moving in across the area, but that is okay the sun can still get through most of those it will be a pretty day a few more clouds lots of sunshine this precipitation down to the south again you can see the spin in the atmosphere as it moves across florida, heavy rain there, we will continue to see -- subtract these showers as we expect them to move north ward and bring rain showers into our area by late tuesday night and through the day on wednesday. here is the forecast for today mostly sunny skies, still mild this afternoon, 78 degrees for your high, that was our high yesterday overnight low similar to last night low of 57 degrees in town under partly cloudy skies, 5 day forecast tomorrow okay, more clouds building in 76 degrees, late late late
7:34 am
tuesday night early wednesday morning rain moves in wednesday is a rainy day 69 for your high, a few lingering showers thursday, partly sunny friday, high of 70 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with weather now another update on traffic from julie wright. so did your type writer sound like snoopys. yes, that is what type writers sounded like you probably never typed on a type writer >> i didn't. sorry. >> that's okay. >> if you are travelling on 66 you are going to find lanes open no incidents to report as you continue from manassas. with it being a holiday lighter than usual traffic this is working in your favour. it is not time consuming today. light volume on the belt way, coming in across the key bridge, nice easy commute leaving virginia, making that right turn to georgetown nice easy drive along canal road,
7:35 am
arizona avenue and belt way continues to run with these and inner and outer loops, that is a check of your traffic. pastor of a dallas mega church not backing down from his claims mormons are part of a cult religion. he is standing by his statement calling it a false religion the reason he wouldn't vote for mitt romney but he clarified what he meant when he said it was a cult. >> well, when i talk about a cult i am not talking about a sociological cult a theological cult is what they are. first of all they were established 1800 years after jesus christ and founding of christianity they have their own human founder, joseph smith their own set of doctrine and own religious book outside of the bible. i stand by those statements. >> he made those comments when he introduced rick perry at the summit organized by family research council the president of that organization called his
7:36 am
comments unfortunate. her main cain was asked to -- herman cain was asked to comment on cnn this weekened. he said i am not running for theologian and chief. michelle bachmann said the controversy is inconsequential. more states are moving to earlier dates for presidential caucuses so why the rush? and will it effect who wins the nomination. joining us now, political editor at human events good morning good to see you. >> good to be here alison thank you for having me. >> first i want to comment on the mormon issue being brought up again and herman cain's decision to say you know i am not running for theologian and chief it is clever and also michelle bachmann opting out how big of a deal is this for mitt romney. >> less the deal in 08.
7:37 am
we heard a lot about governor romney's religion at the time to the point that he made an address in houston, along the lines that john kennedy did, to the pastors in texas, in 1960. and the fact is, it is the economy is an issue right now and that trance sends any issue about religion, 1928 the first catholic was elected for president. when he was a candidate in 1932 it was never brought up again since then, the issue of a catholic being president is no longer an issue, a jew and an african american have been on national tickets now, and i think as we move on in society, these issues become less important particularly when the economy is, shall we say, in a modest condition. that is putting it nicely i would say. let's talk about the primaries and caucus.
7:38 am
why the rush? what is the meaning behind this and how does it effect the candidates? >> after so many years as a political reporter alison i find when i expect things to be different they turn out just the same so many states want a piece of the action national attention, and the resulting tourism that comes with being a major primary state so even though the national party has sanctions against them like costing them delegates to the national convention they are willing to suffer that, in order to go early, and get on television, and get in the news. i remember four years ago when my wife was helping me pack to leave for iowa, on january 2nd, and i thought it would take a little bit longer but it won't. it is going to be early again and new hampshire by law has to be the first primary in the nation when someone moves back so does new hampshire automatically. effect on those running do they have to solidify their plans?
7:39 am
what has to happen for them to get ready for these big races. >> they get a lot more frequent flyer miles they are jetting from iowa to new hampshire, florida and arizona, which are now in january, and i think it also takes away from the kind of attention that you can get going one on one with voters in different states people in new hampshire like to look at the candidate and touch him or her and get some answers, well, if you are trying to get a plane to get to arizona and florida, that becomes more difficult. i think it takes away from the process. a lot of talk these days about herman cain and his tax sort of his tax plan the 999 tax situation. he was in town signing his bob, herman cain -- book. herman cain my journey to the white house. he is the first presidential hopeful to write a book envisioning himself as
7:40 am
president since hughie long wrote my first days in the white house back in 1935. i am told herman cain spells out what he would like to do as president i find it interesting herman cain is someone who has never held office before, he ran for the united states senate in georgia nearly 10 years ago, that is when i interviewed him the first time and americans historically like candidates who held some kind of office. george h w bush and abraham lincoln only served two temples in house of rep re-- terms in house of representatives at least they were there. this will work against mr. cain. on the other hand a lot of things that traditionally happened are changed. people are finding appeal in a hard charging business man and navy veteran. thanks for visiting us today. >> thanks for having me alison, happy columbus day and happy
7:41 am
birthday to my mom too. >> happy birthday. >> okay steve. a lot to honor today. 7:40 a.m. on monday morning up next we will continue with fox 5 morning news as we check headlines on the other side of the break including more from michael jackson's memorial concert. and then paul mccartney says i do again. stay with us drinkin'? what are you i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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7:44 a.m. as we check stories making headlines, montgomery county police investigating the death of a man and woman in bethesdas a possible murder suicide. it the victims have been identified as martin oh tool and long tran tracy vu. wild and amazing how wheezer is describing former basist mickey, welsh was found dead inside a chicago hotel room sunday the cause of his
7:45 am
death is undetermined pending toxicology tests, police don't expect foul play he was 40 years old. thousands of fans paying tribute to king of pop at the michael forever concert performers included christina aguillera, cee lo green, lee owe that lewis, jackson's children attended as well. his brothers refused to attend upset it was scheduled at the same time as the manslaughter trial. former beatle married 51- year-old american trucking heiress at town hall yesterday. ringo star came to the ceremony. the third for mccartney. he likes the american girls. yes. he now officially becomes the
7:46 am
most married beatle. >> is that right? >> just three right? >> yeah. >> um,. >> pretty normal these days tony not like elizabeth taylor. >> but we wish him well. we want him to be happy. >> unless ringo steps up his game he will hold on to that. >> he has been married to a former bond girl. >> yes. >> she still looks good. >> all right. he is not speaking his mind but that is okay. let's take a look at what is going on out there, start with temperatures across the region, 50s. 56 degrees here in washington, dulles airport, at 54 degrees coming up nicely, 54 baltimore, 55 at the naval air station, hagerstown, 51 degrees there. here is a look at future cast we haven't had to use this lately because there hasn't been anything to see in the eastern united states now there is precipitation down across
7:47 am
the southeastern united states we believe that as the week progresses this will make its way north ward by tuesday we get clouds building in here and really by overnight tuesday, looks like this is pushing it a little bit now into the early morning hours of wednesday we get the rainfall moving in could be heavy rain here and there as well but looks like wednesday will be a rainy day for us. all right here is your 5 day forecast today, sun mixed with cloud, high 78 degrees, tomorrow, partly sunny, more clouds building in as the day progresses, 76 degrees, rain wednesday, 69 for your high thursday and friday back into the 70s with lingering showers on thursday. there you go that is the latest on the weather. >> nice little stretch continues for a couple days. >> thank you. find anything to talk about this morning? >> i am looking i am looking the only thing i have now a little bit of construction you will find that on new york avenue if you are out bound this morning headed away from the third street tunnel back
7:48 am
out, they have construction barrels out here along the left side of the highway, inbound not a bad ride, traffic lights slowing you down no accidents to report in northeast washington southbound 270, lanes open, headed for the lane divide, belt way between college park and bethesda. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day michael newton junior he is in the navy, currently stationed in bahrain but still showing love to fox 5 if you want to be no horror's fan of the day -- tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 and post a comment under this photo posted by michael. for years now children have had to take tests to be interviewed to get into some schools, private especially. >> now dogs are taking tests and under going interviews of
7:49 am
sorts to get into doggy day care and apartment buildings, annie good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison and steve, we are live in columbia maryland at camp bow wow we have everything you need, that's right, it is really tough being a dog these days we will find out next after the break stay with us i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary.
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congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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this morning our good friend annie yu is doing a little digging into a growing trend that might require your dog to under go behavioral tests. >> do you think your dog would get an a plus. annie joins us from camp bow wow in columbia maryland you know you are killing me with that yorkie this morning. >> reporter: i know that is why i have been having him in every shot i want you to suffer.
7:53 am
so alison, you are right i don't know if my dogs would pass but i think we would agree our dogs become our family members we want the very best for them which is why we are featuring camp bow wow here in columbia maryland it is one of the premier doggy day cares and overnight camps, they do so much more here one of the owners is here, eric newman. >> good morning. >> reporter: i have been havinga ball it is heaven for me here. >> it is. >> reporter: tell us more about your facility and what experience a dog would get here. >> well, camp bow wow is an opportunity for dogs to come, orphan, play, socialize and have a good time. >> reporter: that's right you mentioned earlier, the set up of it what can on owners expect. -- what can owners expect. >> to have indoor and outdoor access all day long, we are web enabled you can log on from home, work, vacation or iphone and watch your dog play. >> reporter: let's talk about
7:54 am
this growing issue we mentioned earlier today a lot of doggy day cares and rental properties, require your dogs to under go behavioral tests, which is what it is can you tell us about that. >> we call it a meet and greet an open poorton toy to evaluate the dog and make sure they are safe for our environment of course safety is our number one priority we want to make sure they play safely. >> reporter: why is that necessary? >> if dogs are in a pack, in a group together if there is a dog that will act aggressively or unsafe play it could create an unsafe environment so everybody has to get along 100%. >> reporter: as more of these doggy day cares pop up more owners should take this into consideration. what are somethings that your dog should be able to do in order to be admitted here. >> deaf netly well socialized with people -- definitely be well socialized with people. >> reporter: who is this?
7:55 am
>> poor sha. >> girl or boy. >> female. >> hello. kisses yes. >> reporter: she is a good girl. she will be able to do that, be fun loving and play well with other dogs. >> reporter: when someone brings their dog in can you walk us through what they can expect. >> okay come on poor sha. so we are coming into camp this is our safe zone only a parent and their dog would be here at one time this is where we go over the application and learn about the dog, do they have any allergies, have they ever exhibited any signs of aggression or unsafe play in the past if all goes well and there is no signs of anything that would be a red flag we would introduce the dog to another dog one on one of the same size and temperment. >> in a different room. >> interview room. >> you are looking and trying to make sure you can touch her ears and nose and mouth. >> and kisses.
7:56 am
you want to sit down. >> wow she is good. >> really good. >> she is a good model. >> right this way. >> reporter: so here is the next step the meet and greet room. >> yep. >> reporter: okay so another room. so close the door, now at this point, she will come off leash now, we would generally not be in the room at the moment, we are on the other side of that dutch door but introducing another dog of the same size and temperment. >> wow. >> we will observe their behaviour. >> reporter: they are more interested in the cameras. >> i don't blame them here play guys. >> this is bailey. >> this is a good sign. >> yes a very good sign >> a plus for the morning. >> they wouldn't have these distractions they would be focussing on each other and tails are wagging, obviously
7:57 am
they are happy. >> there are some dogs that may fail we will talk about that next hour stick around with us, back the you steve and alison. >> thank you very much more cute dogs for you i think that is why she is doing it. >> showing off all the cute dogs. >> you might notice big changes in washington post, what to keep an eye out for. maybe you over slept maybe you are just a little lazy some mornings there just isn't time to take a shower. steve how many times have you told me that. >> i can't even keep track. a closer look at a new product promising to keep you clean in no time. fox 5 morning news will be right back   did you have,
7:58 am
you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible confident... that taking action now, is the way to create... a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america.
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you can choose your channel package. you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. their demonstration shut down the air and space museum this weekend now their permit to protest has been extended. clashes between christians, muslims, security forces in egypt have left two dozen dead, 200 injured. maybe you over sleep maybe you are just lazy some mornings
8:01 am
there isn't time to shower. also coming up after 8:30 a.m. a closer look at this new product promising to get you clean in no time would you use it? i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. >> it is intriguing i mean kind of. >> until you start using it every day. >> hopefully you wouldn't use it every day. >> i think in a pinch. >> yeah. >> i can honestly say there has never been a morning i have not showered even if i wake up late >> i would be falling asleep in the car if i didn't shower. it is the wake up factor. >> yep >> you take a bubble bath. >> every morning. >> good for you. >> all right. take a look at what is going on out there, viper, viper alison, and let me show you across the region we have some clouds out there this morning, hey, tucker, were you just outside? were you checking on this? didn't make it outside. okay well, we do have high clouds out there, that is it.
8:02 am
still a pretty start to the day sun is filtering through those clouds we will see a mix of clouds and sun during the course of the day. regan national reporting a temperature of 56 degrees, humidity 90%, winds still wall, here is your forecast today, not a bad one looking for a high today of 78 degrees, a lot of sunshine again, some clouds more clouds than we have had the last few days another mild afternoon and very pleasant day, do enjoy it we have changes coming i will tell you about that in 15 minutes. >> thank you tony. >> let's check with julie and find out what is not happening on the roads. it is like i keep looking and looking and nothing popped up but i do have one hint, if you are travelling northbound, bw parkway, 32 right here at the exit for 32, stalled car tieing up the right lane at 32. you can exit going northbound staying to the left that is the only thing i have working,
8:03 am
northbound, bw parkway, at 32. lanes are quiet, german town towards the lane divide, inbound, work going on, and out bound they have construction. julie thank you. a group of hackers that have targeted companies like master card and visa, says it will now attack the new york stock exchanges website the group anonymous says it will support the occupy wall street protestors, erasing the site from the internet today. experts say an attack on the website would not effect trading they will not comment on rumors or security matters in the meantime protestors in our area could face a show down with police their permit to gather at freedom plaza expires today. stacy joins us with more on that. stacy. hi i am down here talking to some of the protestors they are all sort of waking up we have a few dozen stirring behind us regardless of the
8:04 am
fact that the permit is running out today seems they are staying put. they have been here since last thursday this is when this part of the protest began, stop the machine some are calling them october 2011 whatever you want to name it it is a compendium of various individuals protesting everything from the war to corporate greed they have maintained a presence here in freedom plaza with protests, music if park police want to come face to face with them they are more than willing to be arrested. police have come and said you know your permit is up at 10 we said yes they said you know we have to do our jobs. we said we are not sure what your jobs actually entail because this is a public park and people can be here any time. there is another protest going on down the road a bit in mcfehr son square that is occupy dc an offshoot of occupy new york. i am sure everyone has heard of
8:05 am
occupy new york. in mcpherson square it has been 8 days they have maintained a peaceful presence and been allowed to continue their efforts without a permit we will see how long the patience of the police will last. reporting live stacy cohen back the you. thank you. the air and space museum will reopen after protestors swarmed that building over the weekened. security guards used pepper spray to hold back more than 100 demonstrators who were told they could not enter while carrying signs the group of protestors included some of those people taking part in the demonstration on freedom plaza. >> pee tests in egypt -- protests in egypt turned deadly. at least 24 people are dead more than 200 more injured, foxesmary ann rafferty has more. >> reporter: christians, muslims, security forces face off in streets of cairo some of
8:06 am
the crowd can be seen hurling stones, fire bombs and tearing up the pavement for ammunition leaving the streets littered with dirt, rubble and debris. >> i saw them firing tear gas and saw the army clashing with civilians. >> reporter: some blame it on a series of anti christian attacks. they say the military has been too lenient on those responsible for the anti christian attacks since the removal of mubarak back in february the country's prime minister is denouncing the up rising. obviously, the most serious threat to the country's security is tampering with national unity and it provides the opportunity for the country's enemies to tamper with its divisions. >> reporter: at one point an armored security van set into the crowd. security forces, fired tear gas into protestors.
8:07 am
if a person has legitimate means and channels we will respond there is no problem if they want to build churches so long as it is done by a principle. >> reporter: latest violence comes weeks before the particle meantry election on november 28th the first such vote since mubarak was ousted. first in nearly five years for a local community, police in culpepper are investigating a murder, a woman was killed two men injured saturday during some kind of domestic dispute the star exponent identified a woman as patricia adams no word on the names of the two wounded men. the last murder in culpepper happened october 2006. >> police officers on bikes, nothing new but in silver spring, montgomery county police deployed a dedicated unit and it is having a positive impact on the number of robberies and assaults, audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: instead of piling into patrol cars for their
8:08 am
shifts these montgomery county police officers are taking bicycles out for the night. they will be all over the packed central business district, in silver springs, tackling crime in a whole new way. >> we can actually get into places the cruisers can't be more interactive with the community we are not caged into a car so we can use more of our senses to detect crime. >> do it. >> reporter: silver spring is the busiest of the county's six police districts accounting for 20% of calls, since the bike unit hit the streets august 1st, assaults and robberies have both dropped dramatically. >> this is the first time it has been a dedicated bike unit what we used to do before we would have the beat officers do it but you could never get them to ride because they had other commitments as well. >> one step above the top of the line gash min gps. >> reporter: these bicycle patrol officers can circumvent the traffic on georgia avenue and colesville road and get where they are going quickly
8:09 am
they have even been able to break up flash mobs before they got started. there is just not the problems we were experiencing earlier in the summer. >> even though crowds have gotten larger all summer regular visitors say they feel safer with the bike unit on the job. >> at one time it was getting to the point it was pretty rough down here, silver spring at night, so it is a good thing. >> extra police effort made a difference. >> yeah, of course. >> yeah, i walk around here and always see the police and i have never been worried about leaving the movies at 11:00 p.m. at night or whatever. >> i think it is a great way for them to get around and be there if they need to be there. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. kathy bold berg says the -- goldberg says the bike unit has had so much success they expect to decade other officers to their bike unit as well. imagine having to tread
8:10 am
water more than 20 hours that is what seven people had to do to stay alive after their boat capsized. then a closer look at my theory is that there's a force field of happiness around aruba. obviously, if you take a boat out, the further you go, then surely the happiness will stop. there must be a limit somewhere ! everyone still happy, yeah ? ( crowd ) yeah ! everyone still happy ? ( cheers )
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8:12 a.m. on this monday morning let's look at stories making headlines a boat capsized off the florida keys saturday, seven people survived treading water for 20 hours they were not wearing life vests among those rescued a 4-year-old girl sadly the coast guard says an 80-year-old woman did not survive. chicago marathon yesterday a north carolina firefighter running with his brother in the raises died 500-yards from the finish line he was 35 years old and had been running to help raise money to help burn victims an autopsy is planned later today. well, pretty much perfect conditions yesterday, for the
8:14 am
army 10-miler the run begins and ends at the pentagon this was the 25th annual army 10- miler benefiting several organizations that help military veteranfamilies. >> love to see it, look at that guy who lost both his legs still going strong. >> it is time for our high school football game of the week voting to begin for this week. all the choices are if dc this week we are keeping it local. go ahead and vote for the game you would like us to cover, we will be there friday night to vote go to click on sports or text your school's name to as you see on the white bar at the top, 29743. tony joining us now, he has i don't know what, the cuteness factor we are doing pretty good warming up wise. >> yeah, you are right you've got it the cuteness factor of the day, officially called the my first 5 photo of the day
8:15 am
lock at this guy. >> wow. >> this is vance doing his thing he was recently the ring bearer in his cousins wedding he also helped his dad do a little djing. >> how cute handsome young man. >> looks like he is doing well. >> handsome, nice threads, working the turntable. >> you look great man hope you had a good time congratulations to your cousin on the wedding if you want to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. all right let's look at the national temperatures, oh, this map is out dated it is now 58 degrees here in washington you've got mild air eastern half of the nation, colder air in the western half denver is at 39 degrees there, so there are your cool spots in the mountain states, meanwhile miami, 77 degrees, speaking of florida look at the national
8:16 am
map satellite radar, got some rainfall across florida, down near just north of deltona, and near jacksonville as well. this rain pushing to the north, gradually it will work its way in here, by wednesday we will get some rain showers as well here is your forecast next 5 days, high today, first the current temperature being reported, regan national airport, 58 degrees we just wanted to show you that indeed it is 58 degrees. your 5 day forecast look for a high of 78, a few more clouds in here tomorrow, 76, rain wednesday, haven't had that for awhile. 69 degrees, lingering thursday, friday, partly sunny and 70 that is a look at what is happen being the weather now an update on traffic and for that, we are going to turn to julie wright hey, julie. >> good morning tony it has been quiet all morning long unfortunately now i have problems, northbound, bw
8:17 am
parkway, 32, car stuck in the center of the roadway has been moved over to the shoulder. i have state highway out here. two lanes northbound side of the highway, causing rubber necking delays. outer loop of the belt way, south, we have an accident along the right side of the highway that will slow down your commute as you travel along 270, inner loop traffic behaving nicely no incidents along new york avenue lanes open, coming inbound. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right thank you the catch phrase for community development in recent years has been smart growth but our next guest says smart may not be the best word to use when talking about montgomery county, good to see you bob. >> good to see you. >> happy holidays. >> same to you. >> montgomery county, this doesn't usually get a lot of
8:18 am
attention when we talk about zoning but it could set the stage for years to come. >> the council will vote tomorrow, tuesday on a major overhaul of the zoning rules commercial zoning rules for business districts in the county. and you know they are trying to try to focus the growth in areas, in spots where there are metro stations or other mass transit for instance where the purple line is going to go the light rail line assuming it ever gets built and i think it does do that to a large extent critics say this is dumb smart growth they are giving away too much to developers that is the big criticism of it, they are not making the developers pay enough for affordable housing, they are not making the developers pay enough to provide for instance, money or space for other public facilities, likely bares, or rec centers things like that. i looked into it, this was
8:19 am
originally brought to my attention by the kittings, when i went into -- critics, when i went into it thinking this is not a good idea, the more i looked into it, i decided it was supportive overall. it could be better i mean i do thing they could have more money especially for affordable housing but overall this is a step in the right direction for the county. a lot of times when you have development projects the developer might cut in a deal for exchange for the land. >> right. >> a lot of this is repurposing existing land or property. >> that is what is crucial here our region is going to grow a lot in the next decades, their forecast certainly of hundreds of thousands of more people moving to our region or even millions if you are talking 20, 30 years, my question is where are we going to put those people in new housing
8:20 am
developments that will spring up in the outer suburbs? you could do that but that is just more sprawl and more traffic, bad for the environment and not the smart way to go in order to sort of pack those people into existing built up neighbourhoods, like montgomery county, which is almost entirely built up except for the ag preserve which of course is being protected, you have to change existing communities, so the whole idea here is to take places that are now exclusively business districts and especially strip malls and basically convert them to places that have a mix of retail and residences. apartment buildings. >> literally building up not out. >> basically you have retail on the first floor and apartments up top and more of an urban environment and this makes a lot of neighbourhood activists uncomfortable they are very comfortable and happy with single family homes communities
8:21 am
of single family homes they are worried about creeping urbanization, congestion, changing the nature of their neighbourhood i understand that but for the region as a whole and montgomery county as a whole it makes more sense to pack more people in a good positive sort of way with lots of mass transit and walkable communities. >> real quick from a political stand point, the county council has the ball and is running with it here can county executive do anything about it? no, mike leggett who is normally soft spoken he was very critical of this plan but he doesn't have a say in this the county council controls land use and i think the vote will be pretty big in favour of this, despite some concerns. >> all right we will keep an eye on it bob appreciate you keeping us up to speed. 8:21 a.m. on this monday morning alison. >> all right up next, hands up
8:22 am
if your plans involve metro. >> then for years children have had to take tests to be interviewed to get into private schools, dogs are taking tests of their own, under going interviews to get into doggy day care a closer look what goes into that in the next half hour stay with us  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all.
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biscuit sandwiches. >> back with an alert for residents who live near quantico. not to be alarmed if you hear loud noises they are conducting explosive missions training today. effects vary depending on weather conditions. we are monitoring metro this morning you will need to expect delays as track work shut down three stations on the yellow and green line the weekend work continues into the holiday today. shaw, yew street and columbia heights stations in northwest dc will be closed until tomorrow mornings rush hour for maintenance work. shuttle buses are running and stopping at each of the closed stations. 8:25 a.m. you might notice big changes in the washington post. coming up in our next half
8:26 am
hour let's keep an eye out for in today's paper. >> maybe you over sleep, maybe you are just lazy some times there is just not time for a shower hopefully it is on the weekends or days off work. >> right. >> we will take a look at this new product promising to get you clean in no time. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back 
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
coming up 8:30 a.m., two baltimore county women in a fight at a wal-mart. things got so ugly they wound up flinging bleach at each other. one of the women poured the bleach and another cleaner on the other woman. one of the women is now in jail. washington post, rolling out changes, a comic strip going to run 7 days a week the
8:30 am
popular cross word puzzle will be printed larger and moved to style's back page. dooms bury and cul-de-sac will run on the comic pages. netflix abandoning its widely criticized decision to separate the dvd by mail and streaming services. the ceo says subscribers will be able to use both services under one account and one password they saw netflix as a destination for movies in general, didn't want to manage two accounts. >> they will still probably charge you more. >> i was hoping that would be in there too. take them back lower. baby steps. >> public relations need -- they are not doing so well. >> they are trying it was a big mess up but when they came out hey, we messed up. >> right. >> you still have netflix alison. >> well, i had to cut it down a little bit i still have it. >> i cut mine too.
8:31 am
>> yeah, it might go away like the beta tape. >> be kind please rewind. >> that's right. your forecast looks -- well, let's say it looks fine. >> are they going to charge you for that. >> yeah, do you remember that? >> track fee. >> that was a big deal. >> people are googling that to see what that is. i am sure julie wright has no idea. 83 degrees, upper 70s daytime high not quite as warm. all right here is your comfortable start in washington upper 50s, 58 regan national, 59 annapolis, leonard town, southern maryland, 50s. cooler here north and west, frederick and hagerstown, 48 degrees again, comfortably cool should be a nice day weekend was perfect, sunshine and
8:32 am
generally cloud free here saturday and sunday we will have more clouds today but should be dry that is good news again afternoon highs back in upper 70s. sentinel sat rad, you can see cloud cover blowing off from the storm system in the south, high thin variety, that cirrus cloud cover. we will see filtered sun and periods of sunshine. this storm system trying to take on characteristics i don't thing it will achieve it, the center of circulation towards orlando. this whole mess will move up in our direction as we get into tuesday night and wednesday a good chance of a soaking rain as this whole system departs off to the north and east. here is your holiday forecast, 78 this afternoon partly to mostly sunny, tomorrow partly cloudy storm system will move in late in the day, overnight rain tuesday best chance during the day thursday and friday, cooler
8:33 am
temperatures highs friday about 70. thanks decision day for nba, commissioner david stern said if players and owners can't come to a deal after today the first two weeks of the regular season will be cancelled it is scheduled to start november 1st, big issue, salary caps, owners want a 50/50 split of revenues, players say they won't accept lower than 53. red skins had a buy week but made up ground on the division rival. we will start with eagles, michael vick and eagles looking to put an end to a 3 game losing streak, 2nd quarter eagles down 14-7 vick flat out drilled when he throws the ball maybe that is why he threw it to a member of the bills, who took it back 31-yards for the touchdown. 2 minutes left, eagles come back down by 7 driving at the bills, 25, kind of did it again, pass deflected picked up by same guy for bills who
8:34 am
returns it and iced the game. vick ran 105-yards, phillys fall to 1 and 4. giants hosting the seahawks not a good team. beautiful day in new york city this is what was happening manning you get the theme throws an interception this one returned for a touchdown this one goes over 90-yards for the touchdown giants lose to the seahawks, 36 to 25, giants 3 and 2 on the season red skins all alone and first place. pretty productive weekend. >> love it. >> unless the other guys lose. this idea might seem genius to some, maybe questionable to others we will let you be the judge. >> seattle seahawks running back, has introduced a new product that replaces showers when crunched for time. foxes aaron lavigne has desails. >> reporter: if you have never
8:35 am
heard the term somehower pill. >> they are skipping the shower now and taking one later. you joke about the shower pill but guys don't take showers. >> athletic body wipe for people on the go. >> if i don't feel like taking a shower i wipe down real quick. >> reporter: yes, they use an anti bacterial wipe a practical idea to some. i will try it. others are more skeptical. >> too many nooks and crannies to clean. >> reporter: regardless it is marketed to everyone from corporate employee who is work out on lunch breaks to kids who don't have time to shower in school. >> take me back to high school when i had gym class second period you got to -- my high school we didn't have showers you had to go through the rest of the day funky or not participate in pe. >> now it is making its way around the seahawks locker room and the jury is still out. >> my boy, i am going to support my boy. i better not catch you in your locker bathing with one of
8:36 am
these it is a birdbath it is a cool concept go get a shower pill. would you use it? >> in a pimp i would rather use it than not -- pinch i would rather use it than not. >> not your go to solution. >> no. 8:35 a.m. >> i hope it is not your go to solution for my sake. >> no. >> local office cleaners threatening to go on strike. >> if you are making less than you were two years ago today, you are alone. >> pretty much everybody. >> a look at household income when we come back
8:37 am
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8:39 am
thousands of men and women who help keep your offices clean are threatening to go on strike the current contract for 12,000 office cleaners in maryland, virginia, and dc expires next saturday >> they want wage increases and benefits for more workers and wants to prevent layoff it is cleaning companies that employ these workers maintain the economy is still too unstable. dc public schools will begin negotiations on a new contract with this teachers union next week the current terms, negotiated by former
8:40 am
chancellor and george parker expire in september 2012 it took nearly 3 years and intervention of a mediator to hammer out the last deal. if you are looking for work don't forget to check out our job shop the job of the day with national society daughters of the american revolution, looking for a data entry and documents scanning specialist, for more on this job and many others go to click on the job shop tab top of the home page. well, if you feel like you are having to stretch that pay check further new numbers show you have a whole lot of company a report in the new york times says median household income fell 6.7% between june 2009 and june 2011 to just under $50,000. remember the recession technically ended june 2009 but this latest drop was worse than during the actual recession. when household income fell by a little more than 3%. 8:40 a.m., 6th annual
8:41 am
diversity women's leadership conference gets under way today. >> more on the that when we come back. annie good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison. do you thing your dog has what it takes to pass a behavioral exexam if not -- exam, if not don't worry we have you covered stay with us  [ speaking french ]
8:42 am
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complete this merger, and present to the board, sink your teeth into some big n' toasty if you understand. good. you've got spunk. a big day calls for the big n' toasty. wrap your hands around fried eggs, cherrywood smoked bacon, and cheese on texas toast. america runs on dunkin'.
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. michael good morning michael is in the navy, currently stationed in bahrain but still showing love to fox 5. everybody else with you in the navy in bahrain, good morning, happy holidays to you hope you are having a wonderful time there thank you for your service to this country. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search us on facebook, no space between fox and 5 and post a comment under michaels photo. >> this was the scene
8:45 am
yesterday, chili eating contest here is the deal that is the chili you get, so you know how spicy and tasty that is. they are just eating it just the chili no dogs. >> is it hot? >> yeah. eating the chili out of the bowl as much as you could. thomas from ail lengs seasonnedly yeah is there that guy in the -- alexandria is there, that guy in the middle, joey chestnut is there, $3,000 goes to him, he gulped down two full gallons of chili in six minutes. same way as like a marathon runner or anybody pushing their body i get into a rhythm and not thinking about how my body is feeling just making it work for me. a little bit on his shirt. >> the whole thing is growth. sonia thomas downed one and a quarter gallons of the chili how do they smile. >> do i have anything in my teeth. >> right. >> this is chestnut's 21st
8:46 am
world record. sixth annual diversity women's leadership business conference gets under way today the goal is to educate and empower diverse women leaders joining us now cheryl and lisa. good morning to both of you. good morning alison. >> let's start with you, tell us about this year's conference. well, this year we are so honored to be here and have so many partners to support the leadership and executive development of women of all races, cultures and backgrounds. i will is a you along with others are award -- lisa you along with others are award recipients, it has been such success to your company what is the key. the key to my success is always working to redefine yourself when you are an entrepreneur you have to mirror
8:47 am
it within the way you live and function so i know if i always look in the mirror and make decisions on what i need to do better, that it will make my business better. let me ask you sheila and both of you is it tough today in this economy to keep women sort of you know, to up hold women and say you can still make it in this business climate when it is so bad all around you. sheila i will start with you. >> absolutely. that is why we come together for two days we empower the women encourage them. women have so many responsibilities, their work places their homes everything falls into their lap and we want them to take two days, to just focus on yourself, for us to up lift them encourage them and share with them they are phenomenal leaders we want to empower them to be passionate about the work they are doing so they will be excited,
8:48 am
successful in it, and the bottom line they go back into the work placegenerate revenue streams and profits for their organizations, whether they are business owners orca rear women today we are here to saw -- or, career women today we are here to support them. >> i will ask you the same thing lisa i know you have people coming up all the time saying i know it is going to be big it will be just like caroll's daughter, how do you tell those women in this economy that you know what, it is okay go out and try to get that product to sell and you could one day be successful on your own an entrepreneur how do you keep them focused. well, because i started my business really on a shoe string and after having filed personal bankruptcy i know it is possible to do a lot with a little so i always remind women of that, and then it is also important you may look up to another brand or another person as a mentor, or as a goal, but don't try to follow in their
8:49 am
footsteps, per se you have to make your own path and travel on your journey but you can definitely accomplish a lot with less and especially today with social media, websites, e- mails, so many things i didn't have available before i had to rely on postage stamps which can be costly. and some mothers, i was reading your story and your mom back in the day said you know what your products are good why don't you start selling them. your story is so amazing i just want to spend a couple seconds on your journey. it is amazing can you tell us about your journey. um, well, my journey started out in my kitchen, with a love for fragrance and perfume i started cooking products in my kitchen and my mom was the first person to encourage me to sell it to someone and not just give it to friends and family. and whenever i went out to do a flee market or craft -- flea market or craft fair it was
8:50 am
real received -- well received, i was encouraged by customers to continue and it is still a lot like that today. i rely on feedback from facebook and twitter for information there my customers and fry to always give her what she wants. it has been a pleasure talking to you sheila, is there room available there at the gay lord. well, we absolutely wish it was we sold out but we will be back next year september 26th, 27th at the gay lord resort please visit diversity to stay with us, with the work we are doing through our magazine and conference and those of you who could not join us this year we hope to see you 2012. >> oh, man you disappointed a lot of people but we will go on the website and check out diversity woman magazine. thank you. >> thank you. all right 8:50 a.m. annie yu is at camp bow wow
8:51 am
columbia maryland. if you have never heard of camp bow wow you will she is learning more about training your pet so that pet can be more socially acceptable. >> annie good morning. >> reporter: good morning steve and alison we are having a really good time out here i am really loving it. as dog owners we know that training is key but it is really hard to do because it is that tough love they are so cute as puppies you want the give in and let them take over the house that is not good they turn into terrors. before we get into that, i want to talk about the camp experience here at doggy day carer rick newman and michael domain join me now both owners of camp bow wow here in columbia maryland. before we get into the training and correct behavioral stuff we will talk about experience why don't you tell us a little bit about that. >> okay boarding at camp bow wow these are our cabins, in their cabins we provide a comfy
8:52 am
cozy cot, fleece blanket in evening, when they board and go to sleep we provide them with a congress and peanut butter and put on classical music. >> it is the pre mere experience for you pet. >> absolutely. >> you also work with the pet with socializing and things like that, so if you could tell us you know, who is this. >> this is kay la. >> when he got here what was he like. >> crazy no, he was over zealous just wanted to play wanted to get back here pulling mom through the lobby really she has been working hard at home, to try and bring his kind of temperment down so he is not so over zealous, causing any of the other dogs to lash out. what we have been doing is trying to reinforce what mom is doing at home. >> which is important you need the devotion from the owner. if you can walk us through what are somethings people with do at home. >> it has to start day one a
8:53 am
lot of it is just getting your dog to a point where they are desensitized everything is new to them and from any experience dealing with other people to dealing with other dogs and it is key to find those experiences where they can get that exposure, so if you are trying to socialize your dog bringing them out to the dog park or if you are trying to introduce them to other people it may be bringing them to a festival or some place where there is a lot of people that are not necessarily going to pay attention to them or walking by so they can get used to that feeling. >> as puppies day one. >> exactly. >> what about if you adopt a dog and it is 10 years old, same deal this? >> yeahings really is try -- yeah, really is trying to get as much exposure as possible and taking baby steps it will not hanover night if you try and do too much all at once it will be a traumatic experience for them even if you are in an
8:54 am
apartment the whole elevator experience for a dog is traumatic. >> which is why more of these pets are being done. in addition to socializing what are other tips you can do when they are jumping on you or what is a quick tip for us? >> really being consistent and probably the biggest thing i know that is not a huge tip but it is really -- because you thing oh, that is nice and cute when it happens once but really you have to be correcting them it is about correction so telling them sit down, is a very key in keeping them to really understand, okay my boundary is with all four paws on the ground not on top of mom. consistency is key. >> correct. >> realyou believe certain breeds are a little more aggressive naturally or do you thing it is all in training. >> no, it is about the dogs, right so what really is the characteristic is energy level. bully breeds that have those
8:55 am
bad stigmas they are just very high energy, very over zealous really just getting them to a point where you are training them to say hey, listen slow down we do a lot at camp is really correcting that behaviour because we want the keep it safe for everybody and an enjoyable experience we want to make sure they are kind of kept in check. >> right well, michael and eric, good information i hope our viewers log on to our website to find out more information because we have links there to ours back to you guys. all right annie thank you. camp bow wow. >> 8:55 a.m. on monday morning. >> coming up next hour we will check out the new technology that is now erasing tattoos once and for all. yes stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back. >> you sound happy about that. okay i am a face unclogger.
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>> coming up 9:00 a.m., that will do it for this hour, fox 5 morning news, we have another hour to do. thank you very much -- to go. >> thank you very much. two protest groups remain camped out in the nations capitol. neither one has plans to leave soon. this morning it is not clear what the political implications will be a live report straight ahead. a baltimore man spent nearly 6 months in a libyan prison he is out but wants to stay in libya. why mathew van's relatives and government officials are concerned for his safety. >> used to be forever not any more do you have a tattoo you regret getting in what you need to know about how to get that unwanted ink removed. all right it is just a couple tickets away before the top of the hour we say good morning to you and good o


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